That is my first reaction to IWF’s new Health Care Lawsuits website.

Geared to the media, policy wonks, and the general reader interested in keeping up on the legal challenges to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the site provides good information, presented in a bright and easily accessible manner.

As of launch day (today), there are 20 active suits and 21 states as plaintiffs. This is the sort of sea of litigation you can drown in, but the website will prevent that: it features thumbnail and up-to-date sketches of every case, a handy timeline, and an explanation of the constitutional issues at stake. It is one-stop shopping for just about everything you need to know about PPACA and the courts.

There is also a blog called Constitutionality Corner. Hadley Heath notes today:   

Who knew a law could evoke challenges from so many different groups? Doctors groups, business groups, religious groups, and “ordinary citizens” as Plaintiffs all have one thing in common: They care deeply about following the guidelines set forth in the Constitution.  They believe the health care reform of March 2010 violates those guidelines.  And they won’t rest until their rights are considered before the Supreme Court.

And that’s exactly where it looks like this battle is headed – SCOTUS.  Sooner or later, one of these 20+ cases (or perhaps a case that is yet to be filed), will make it there.  And when the time comes for all Americans to tune in and wait for a decision, you’ll want to know what issues are at stake.

Yes, there are so many suits-fortunately, this site can keep you straight on which one is which and where they are in the court system. Congratulations to my colleagues at IWF for putting together such a valuable resource.