“More Women Pull Down Big Bucks”

–Washington Post headline today

You’d think that this would be unmitigated good news. But no. Good news is bad news for those who purvey the women-as-victims. There’s got to be a black lining to the silver cloud:

But women’s advocates and groups representing professional women cautioned that a wage gap between the sexes remains stubbornly persistent and women are sparsely represented at the upper echelons of business. Just 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.

“I’m happy to know there’s another dollar in the pocket of a woman,” said Ilene Lang, president of Catalyst, a group that works to improve business opportunities for women. “It’s expected, as women get more education, that they’ll earn more. But women have been getting these degrees for a long time. And they’re still hitting a glass ceiling.”

Gimme a break. It is hard to make the case that women need special treatment with numbers like these.