Jobs numbers a death knell for Dems?

Are Lou Dobbs’s political prospects doomed?

The best thing policymakers can do to help turn around the economy and increase jobs is to create stability in the marketplace. For starters, Congress needs to make the Bush-era tax cuts permanent.

When businesses – big or small – are at the whim of lawmakers, they don’t have the freedom or flexibility to grow. Too often, Congress underestimates the impact of new regulations and taxes,which during an economic downturn, can easily push existing businesses out of the marketplace and prevent new ones from entering.

Democratic lawmakers don’t seem to understand this. That’s why just before the recess Harry Reid pushed for the “Creating American Jobs and End Offshoring Act,” which – in one fell swoop – would have increased taxes on struggling businesses and raised the cost of manufactured goods for the American people.

Lesson for Congress: You can do more by doing less.