Charlotte and I must be on the same page this morning.  I was just about to put up a link to former RNC chairman, Eddie Gillespie‘s, great piece in the Washington Post on the galling hypocrisy of Democrats who are citing the existence of independent expenditures being made on behalf of Republican candidates as evidence of some kind of corruption.

It’s really amazing that Democrats are threatening to sic the IRS on groups engaging in this kind of activity, which is in itself an abuse of power.

Yet just as remarkable as this campaign tactic’s hubris and misuse of power is its sheer stupidity. Do Democrats really think they will be able to successfully demonize the Chamber of Commerce (of all places) and link the organization’s diminished reputation to the candidates they are supporting? The American people are focused on jobs and the economy-this is the best that Democrats can come up with?

If there was ever evidence that a party didn’t want to talk about policy and legislative “accomplishments,” this is it.