Most of us knew that the health care system needed reform-we just didn’t want a government take-over that, while satisfying certain ideological itches of the Democrats, makes actual health care worse.

The Washington Examiner has a great editorial today proclaiming that, if there is a sea change in Congress, “Job One” will be dealing with the health care mess that the last Congress created, with a huge assist from the administration. The editorial notes:

President Obama will surely veto even a simple repeal measure, but Republicans still should put an end to Obamacare’s most damaging and least popular provisions by defunding them. The process will also force Obamacrats in Congress to cast multiple votes they would probably prefer to avoid, thus setting the stage for a titanic 2012 presidential election contest.

Throughout this week, the Examiner is going to offer incoming solons tips on how to defeat this monstrous health care system piece by piece. Here are my favorites from today:

Every year, Congress passes appropriations provisions that forbid the use of funds for certain purposes. Next year’s spending bills should bar the Department of Health and Human Services and other agencies from establishing the 159 boards, panels and programs in Obamacare. The Treasury appropriations bill should likewise remove all authority from the Internal Revenue Service for enforcing Obamacare’s tax provisions.

Trial lawyers kept medical tort reform out of Obamacare despite the fact such provisions could save at least $200 billion in unnecessary annual health care costs. Trial lawyers made sure Obamacare did include provisions encouraging state attorneys general to outsource litigation against health care providers to ambulance-chasing trial lawyers. The new Congress should put tort reform into health care reform and take the trial lawyers out of it.

And my personal favorite:

Wheelchair tax: Do Obamacrats really want to face a 2012 re-election campaign after voting to tax someone’s wheelchair? We don’t think so.

What moron dreamed up a wheelchair tax?

But there are many more suggestions. This editorial is well worth reading in toto.