The midterm elections are really about how much government we want in our lives (government in our most private medical decisions being the most obvious intrusion).  That is the issue in the election-but will it be the issue when (presumably) a Congress elected to oppose government intrusion actually takes office? That’s the worry for a lot of us-that it won’t be as intent on reducing government once these new men and women become government.

Tony Blankley has a great column today on rolling back government in our lives. The column makes clear two things: (1.) There will be a temptation to give in to inertia on the part of our new Congress members and just not do what they were elected to do. (2.) It is difficult but possible to do what they said they would do (roll back government).

Unfortunately, many of the attempts to roll back government have been scatter shot. But there is a way:

The greater part of federal intrusion is generated by the permanent regulatory bureaucracy that burrows away in almost all our federal agencies. Sometimes, they are authorized by Congress to create and enforce regulations (like the incandescent light law). But over the generations, the culture that exists amongst the regulatory bureaucrats drives them to constantly seek out new targets for regulation and new methods for entangling Americans in their webs. …

Fundamentally, there is a permanent war of attrition between liberty and the federal regulatory bureaucrats. A war of attrition is a resource war. In both WWI and WWII, the side with the most soldiers and industry (the allies) won.

Every time something bad happens, there is a call for more regulations. Resist the temptation.