From the Daily Caller:

While the recession has hit men far harder than women – so much so that some pundits have dubbed this economic downturn a “mancession” – the Obama administration is focusing on the struggles women are facing during these tough economic times.

The National Economic Council released a report Thursday detailing women’s economic hardships and the different ways the administration is helping to alleviate their pain.

Oh, give me a break.

What women need is a thriving economy. We don’t want pandering, special breaks (‘cause we don’t need ‘em), or anything else that is more propaganda-oriented than jobs oriented.

The other reason this focus on women is so ridiculous is that it highlights the superficial and tries to bury the bad news. Economist Mark Perry of the American Enterprise Institute is quoted:

“My initial impression of the report is that it completely ignores all of the significant and disproportionate hardships faced by men in the recession. We just went through an unprecedented ‘mancession,’ and it’s still not over,” Perry wrote in an e-mail to TheDC.

“[W]omen have done far better, due to career choices and being in industries less affected by recessions (health care and education), and being much better educated, etc,” he said noting that women have been outperforming men in the acquisition of degrees, earning 57.2 percent of college degrees awarded, 60.3 percent of master’s degrees, and 51.6 percent of doctor’s degrees.

Man up and deal with the mancession.