The GOP is right to plan a restrained party in D.C. tomorrow night, even though the party’s wins are expected to be unprecedented:

This isn’t a wave, it’s a tidal shift-and we’ve seen it coming for a long time. Remarkably, there have been plenty of warning signs over the past two years, but Democratic leaders ignored them. At least the captain of the Titanic tried to miss the iceberg. Congressional Democrats aimed right for it.

That’s from a Wall Street Journal piece that carries a warning for Republicans: The voters  aren’t that into you either.  It’s just that, if you want to vote against the Democrats, you’re probably stuck with a Republican. Tomorrow’s tsunami will be against the Democrats but it won’t be for the Republicans. The Democrats were haughty and ideological and refused to listen to us:

While most voters now believe that cutting government spending is good for the economy, congressional Democrats have convinced them that they want to increase government spending. After the president proposed a $50 billion infrastructure plan in September, for example, Rasmussen Reports polling found that 61% of voters believed cutting spending would create more jobs than the president’s plan.

Central to the Democrats’ electoral woes was the debate on health-care reform. From the moment in May 2009 when the Congressional Budget Office announced that the president’s plan would cost a trillion dollars, most voters opposed it. Today 53% want to repeal it. Opposition was always more intense than support, and opposition was especially high among senior citizens, who vote in high numbers in midterm elections.

Rather than acknowledging the public concern by passing a smaller and more popular plan, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama insisted on passing the proposed legislation by any means possible.

As a result, Democrats face massive losses in tomorrow’s midterm election.

Republicans must realize that their election is provisional. That doesn’t mean they should be timid-just the opposite. A great deal of the outpouring against the Democrats stems from a drive  to repeal the centerpiece of their handiwork, the health care bill. Any Republican who forgets this is foolish and will automaticlly become a listing on the Congressional Endangered Species List.  

The voters want you to act; what we don’t want is for you to get the big head.