A flock of liberal pundits is now trying to convince its members – and us – that losing the House and maybe the Senate is a really good thing for Obama. It’s not because he might moderate his views. Oh no, for in their book, Obama wasn’t radical enough. They suggest he’ll look better because he’ll have an “enemy” – John Boehner.

That’s from the always-astute Jennifer Rubin, blogger for Commentary. It’s a terrific piece (she quotes Mickey Kaus on how “the blues” don’t realize that whatever they say about enemies immediately ends up on talk radio or Fox; there are no longer effective news gatekeepers.)

But what I’m interested in is how is President Obama going to react to what will be, barring an upset, a rebuke to him and his policies. This is a man who has seen few defeats in his life. He came out of nowhere to ascend to the highest office. He has gone from strength to strength. Wednesday, not Tuesday, is the president’s day of trial. What he does now is going to determine the tenor of government for the next two years.

Like most leaders handed a thumpin’, he is going on a trip abroad (and apparently a very lavish one at that).  But what he does and says on Wednesday, on what could be the first public defeat of his career, will be very important. He has already done enough to make his presidency historic-the passage of the health care bill did that, if it is not overturned. But he is going to have to fight to hold onto that achievement.

Fasten your seat belts.