After begging Congress to listen, the American people finally made their voices heard. What a night!

Let me put it this way: With apologies to Michelle Obama, I’ve never been more proud of my country. Millions of ordinary Americans rebuffed the harangues and lectures of their supposed betters and dared to take the future into their own hands. ..

Told to shut up and sit down, the “great unwashed middle,” as Katie Couric recently called it, thundered “Hell, no!” Voters everywhere stood up for independence and spoke up for their own values.

This is American Exceptionalism in action.

That’s Michael Goodwin of the New York Post. Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, whose fellow Democratic senator Robin Carnahan is being replaced by Republican Roy Blunt, was on MSNBC charging that the “Republicans have put up a ‘No Moderates’ sign.” First of all, I don’t think that is true, and second, whatever sign was hoisted last night was hoisted not by a party but by voters.  One of the loudest messages the night was: Don’t diss the voters.

IWF’s sister organization, Independent Women’s Voice, will have up this morning its second TV spot by an impressive group of women doctors who oppose the government take-over of health care. “They won the election because they listened to us,” the physicians say. Senator McCaskill aside, I am wondering if the voice of the voter wasn’t so clear that more can be done about health care in the next two years than was anticipated. Are there Democrats such as  Joe Manchin, the senator-designate from West Virginia-who won by literally shooting holes in the cap and trade bill in an ad-who might be willing to join in overriding a presidential veto? Just a thought…