Remember Sleeping Beauty’s protective faerie godmothers?

“Make it blue!”

“No! Make it pink.”

They both want their favorite color to win and ignore Sleeping Beauty’s wishes, which gets them into rather a lot of trouble for a while. They fix it after 100 years and then start fighting again.

“Make it blue.”

“Ooooohhhhh, pink!”

Sound familiar? Instead of infighting about who won the Blue and Pink (or even Red) debate this election series, America’s political parties should discuss what really matters to voters-the size of government.

The people want freedom, a recent Gallup poll says. Funny thing is, Congress (like the good faeries before them) too often doesn’t ask those it’s supposed to serve about what they need and want. No. There’s no need of getting voters’ input until it’s time to eject the other party.

(C’mon blue. No, pink!)

Snap out of it.

What does the U.S. really need? A recent Rasmussen poll writes Congress’ to do list from voters. They put the economy, health care, social security and education at the top of the list.

So, stop thinking partisan and think policy. Get on it guys!