“Choice = Opportunity,” a boy’s sign proclaims. Flexibility and options are popular words in education. Give parents the freedom to choose the best school for their children and hope blossoms. A proper education means the next generation will have better opportunities to prosper. It lays a firm foundation for the future.

Governors Jeb Bush and Bob Wise agree:

Our vision is an education that maximizes every child’s potential for learning, prepares every child with the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and careers, and launches every child into the world with the ability to pursue his or her dreams.

But, how can we accomplish this with teacher shortages and failing schools, especially in the poverty-stricken areas that need good schools most? Again, Bush and Wise have an answer: “By unleashing the power of digital learning, America has the ability to realize that vision today.”

Digital learning accomplishes multitudes of our goals for children’s education all at once:

  • Education becomes flexible, molding itself to the child’s needs.
  • Learning digitally can take a child out of a harmful or mediocre school and provide the best quality.
  • It also costs less than the traditional, ailing approaches to education.

“‘Technology has the power to customize education for every student in America,’ said Jeb Bush, co-chair of the Digital Learning Council. ‘Providing a customized, personalized education for students was a dream just a decade ago. Technology can turn that dream into reality today.'”

It’s not like we haven’t figured out the power of technology in other areas. We work, play, shop, talk, write, read, research, and even sing through digital advances. Why has it taken so long to revolutionize the way our children learn?

America, the land of choice and opportunity, has been slipping into mediocrity in education. Digital learning provides tools to prepare our children for the challenges of the future and enables a successful launch from childhood to adulthood. It’s time to restore our children’s chances for a bright tomorrow.