When the July jobs report came out, IWF scholar Charlotte Hayes wrote, “Bad Unemployment Numbers Are Always ‘Unexpected.‘”

When the September jobs report came out, Charlotte again noted that lost jobs came “Unexpectedly…”

And now that the November jobs report is out, the New York Times’ headline is “Disappointing Job Growth in U.S. as Jobless Rate Hits 9.8%.”  And the Wall Street Journal reports that “The U.S. economy added fewer jobs than expected in November.”

Charlotte said it best; bad unemployment numbers are always “unexpected.”  That is, unless we understand the real impact that big government is having on small business through destructive policy like Obama’s health reform and destructive inaction on tax policy.  Then, we can see very clearly that bad unemployment numbers will stick around as long as big government does. 

As Charlotte pointed out in an August post on the “‘Unexpected’ Meme,” we should, “Get used to it.”  It’s December, and nothing has changed.  This news is getting old.