Remember last Christmas? Congress voting in the dark of night and the sickening rush to pass unread legislation?

Congress is at it again, even after the November repudiation by the voters.  And again, the fallout from their actions will be serious and long-felt-and long paid for, too.  So throwing the bums out wasn’t that immediately efficacious after all, given the lame duck session and the manic and reckless desire of this Congress to do what it damned well pleases, no matter what?

“They’re leaving just as they came in, with pork, waste, and Obamacare,” says the subhead of Yuval Levin’s post on National Review. The 111th Congress is quite possibly the worst in our history. Of its waning days Levin notes:

The proposed Senate omnibus bill makes for truly amazing reading. It’s like the Democrats have decided to wear proudly the mantle forced on them by Republicans in the last election-the mantle of pork, waste, and Obamacare. It makes it perfectly clear that the chatter surrounding the deficit commission and the sudden interest in fiscal restraint among some Democrats in Congress since November has been just idle talk, and that what the Democrats really want is more reckless spending.

This 2,000 page monstrosity stuffed down the country’s throat in the last moment of the 111th Congress would be the epitome of everything the voters rejected. …

The GOP is in a tough spot. But this bill must not pass. Senator Jim DeMint told the National Review that he has lost sleep over it, and a spokesman added:

“This 2,000-page bill is so packed with pork and objectionable legislative items it could take weeks until we know the policy implications, but Reid wants to ram it through in a few days,” Denton says. “This stampede of spending and bad policy is exactly what voters rejected in November. Senator DeMint will continue working with Republican colleagues to expose the bill’s waste and he’ll fight to stop the rush to pass it on the Senate floor.”

This is the Congress that tried to wreck the country. These are people who can’t be chastened because they don’t care that much what the public thinks. The continuing resolution to keep the government afloat is another attempt to do what they damned well please, regardless of the will of the public. Heather Higgins, CEO of our sister organization, Independent Women’s Voice, urges Congress to reject the continuing resolution, which funds things (including ObamaCare) best left to the judgment of a new Congress.