Determined to take all the fun out of life, the Center for Science in the Public Interest is now after your food dye claiming synthetic dyes can cause hyperactivity and other “problems” for children.

Hyperactivity in children, like obesity, is a complex issue–one that requires many more years of study and research to determine the causes. Knee jerk reactions to certain food additives (without corresponding proof of their impact on children) will do little to solve the problem of hyperactivity. 

This is just another attack on the food industry from the never bored CSPI.  Despite food dyes being one of the most tightly-regulated food ingredients and despite the fact that there has been no conclusive research pointing to a causal relationship between dyes and hyperactivity, the Food and Drug Administration has scheduled a public hearing in March to consider a total ban on food dyes.  Given this action, its important to note that one of the Principal Deputy Commissioners of the FDA is Dr. Joshua Sharfstein–a favorite of the food regulation set.  Sharfstein was Baltimore city’s Health Commissioner at the time of that city’s trans-fat ban passage (which resulted in fines levied against a number of Baltimore restaurants). 

Hmmm…wonder where the FDA is going to come out on this latest food regulation.  With Sharfstein at the helm, we’re likely to see much more drab colors in the grocery store aisles and higher prices as food manufacturers have to rely on more expensive natural dyes to color their products.