Bloggers and pundits from the left and the right alike are debating tomorrow’s reading-out-loud of the Constitution.  Some are suggesting that it’s an unnecessary gimmick, or mere symbolism, and yet others view it as a welcome opportunity to revive the discussion on constitutional interpretation.

With all this talk of whether the Constitution is still relevant given its age, and its inherent ambiguity that leaves much room open for interpretation by some, on, for example the proper meaning of the “general welfare, David Harsanyi boils the whole discussion down to P.J. O’Rourke’s two rules of governance in a free society:

So, because the Constitution has become too complex for many of us to decipher, and thus irrelevant, its time to boil the whole thing down to its troglodytic and/or graceful basics and engage P.J. O’Rourke’s rules of governance in a free society:

1. “Mind your own business.”

2. “Keep your hands to yourself.”

If the public believes in the spirit of the founding and politicians are committed to the resurrection of the constitution those rules are a good guide when looking at new legislation.

What a refreshing outlook on the whole debate! If politicians could hold themselves to follow these basic rules, the country would unlikely be facing a huge budget deficit, out-of-control spending and debt levels, and the continuously glum unemployment statistics. This Congress has a great opportunity to put this country back on a path to limited government, more reasonable levels of spending and taxation, and with it bring about stable economic growth and increasing employment opportunities. It’s time to take the midterm election rhetoric and put it into action.

(H/T Russ Roberts)