The first lady loves to talk about food deserts-areas of the country under-served by grocery stores.  She often speaks passionately about children forced to eat only the food they can find at gas stations and convenience stores; food high in calories, salt and fat and low in nutritional value. 

What the first lady doesn’t often speak about is just what is causing these food deserts in the first place.  Perhaps that’s because a large part of the blame can be placed squarely on the shoulders of unions like SEIU and community groups like “Wal-Mart Free DC.” reports on this group’s latest intimidation tactics to kill a development project in D.C.  A project that will bring jobs and healthy food to D.C.’s urban population (emphasis mine): 

Walmart is building a store in Washington, D.C. A company called Pratt Development is leasing land to Walmart for the store. A group called “Wal-Mart Free DC”, a union group that has SEIU involvement, is circulating a flier with the home address of Dick Knapp, the head of Pratt Development, to send people out to protest and intimidate him.  Oh, and yes, the flier has a gun range style target on it. You can see it right here.  Back in May, you will recall, the SEIU sent out 500 purple people beaters to the home of a Bank of America Executive. 

This particular Walmart store would replace a former Chevy dealership and would employ up to 1,200 D.C. residents.  Considering D.C. is maintaining a 10.2 percent unemployment rate, we should all be thanking Walmart for considering a D.C. location.  And the White House should work hard to call off these SEIU thugs so that more kids can have access to Walmart’s fresh and healthy food.