Happy National School Choice Week Thursday! 

When faced with failing or dangerous public schools, what other options do families have?

Suggestion #16: Embrace Charter Schools. 

Charter schools are privately-created schools that receive public funding, like public schools – only they’re not subject to all of the rules that public schools are, so they’re able to be more innovative. Entrepreneurial parents, charities, or concerned citizens have opened schools across the country – giving parents greater choices for their children’s educations. Charter schools are held accountable for their outcomes – which, sadly, is more than can be said for most public schools.

To learn more about charter schools, I recommend watching what is arguably one of the most moving documentaries this year, “Waiting for Superman,” which documents the plight of students in a charter school lottery. 

Charter schools have been endorsed by Education Secretary Arne Duncan – which is encouraging, particularly given the resistance by teachers’ unions to the idea. Congress should ensure that charter schools are at the top of their priority list when considering funding the nation’s schools in the future.