I’ve got friends in low places.  But apparently sometimes it’s good to have friends in lofty places as well.  Imagine how good it would feel to have Kathleen Sebelius as your friend right now.  Maybe she could grant your business – or your union – a waiver from some of ObamaCare’s requirements.

The deadline to apply for a waiver is when your plan-year begins (who knew?) and for many that day was January 1.  This led to another wave of groups getting approval from the Department of Health and Human Services for waivers.  And I mean… tidal wave.

As of last week, 222 waivers had been granted.  This week… 500 more.  From the Hill:

A week after Republicans announced plans to investigate waivers granted to organizations for healthcare reform provisions, President Obama’s health department made public new waivers for more than more than 500 groups.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is granting temporary waivers to organizations that would not be able to meet the reform law’s new requirement for annual coverage limits.

I’ve commented on the waiver phenomenon before and Charlotte called it “Waiver Fever.”  For anyone who understands the impact of this health reform on businesses, it makes sense that groups would apply for a pass.

I’ve got this other idea too: How about one big waiver called repeal?