CNBC Anchor Erin “the monkey in the middle” Burnett is just adorable in the morning.  Her long, brown hair is always perfectly curled under.  Her sunny, bright eyes and sweet face are just the thing one wants to see in the morning.  She’s everyone’s best pal, little sister, cute first girlfriend.  She flirts endlessly with Joe Scarborough and the other panelists on MSNBC morning program Morning Joe. She’s America’s sweetheart…and she kinda sorta prefers that Egypt and those other Middle Eastern countries continue to be ruled by dictators.

Wait…back up. What?

While giving her daily morning brief to the Morning Joe audience, Erin had this to add at the end of her report (h/t   

“One more thing,” Burnett remarked. “If this spreads, the United States could take a huge hit because democracy in a place like Saudi Arabia, you’ve talked about who might come in power, what that means for oil prices. They’re going to go stratospheric.” 

Uhh…yeah, that might happen Erin; it might not but it certainly has nothing to do with a new government deciding to govern in a democratic way.  In fact, Erin, wasn’t it these very dictators who in the 1970s came together to create OPEC–the very vehicle that is currently hiking prices on oil?  I think it’s clear that the “dictator” route isn’t working out so well for the U.S.  How about giving a little democracy a try?

But don’t worry.  While, I may not agree with you, perhaps you’ll find a more sympathetic audience among the women of Saudi Arabia–you know, the women who are forced to wear body coverings when they leave the house.  That is, only when they are accompanied by a male relative.  And of course, since they can’t drive, they’ll likely have more time to stay home and listen to you blather on and on about the benefits of dictatorial rule.  Perhaps the women who have no rights under Saudi divorce laws will have some respect for what you have to say.  Perhaps the woman who is about to lose custody of her children will find some comfort in your words.

Keep it up, Ms. Sunshine. You’ve won yourself a whole new set of fans–you’re huge among Middle East dictators.