The House of Representatives voted early last month to repeal the abominable health law known as “ObamaCare.”  Today Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell announced that Republican Senators would introduce an amendment to an FAA Reauthorization bill that would constitute a vote on health care repeal.

Passage of this amendment would result in bicameral endorsement of repeal, and the resulting “repeal bill” would land on Obama’s desk for a signature.  Poor guy, he’s already had such a busy week, what with the Egyptian uprising and Judge Vinson’s ruling yesterday in Florida.

How likely is it that Republican senators will be successful in their endeavor to pass repeal in the upper house?  I would say… it’s a stretch.  All 47 Republican senators are on board, as sponsors, in fact.  But it takes more than 47 votes.  There are a few swingables, though, like Sen. Joe Manchin from West Virginia who has said that he wouldn’t have voted for the health law had he known “how reaching” it was.

Nevertheless, a vote on health repeal will put all the senators of the 112th Congress on record.  Regardless of how they felt about it in 2010, how they voted on it, or how they campaigned on it, this upcoming vote will let their constituents know where they stand now.