Yawn. Yawn. Yawn.

The question should be why should anyone believe anything Al Gore has to say anymore? Doesn’t anyone remember the few – um, nine – inconvenient “untruths” the British High Court disclosed about Gore’s documentary in 2009?

The former vice president has not only made a fool of himself, but he’s helped degrade the quality of scientific research and inquiry in this country. No longer do we encourage scientists – or, our children who are forced to watch “An Inconvenient Truth” in public schools – to verify facts, synthesize large amounts of information, and formulate arguments. We’ve politicized the idea of global warming – or, climate change – so much that scientists need to promote a radical environmental agenda if they’re interested in receiving research grants from leading foundations, universities and the government.

On top of it all, during a period of economic vulnerability, Gore’s off-the-cuff statements are irresponsible. He knows that his extreme environmental agenda is the basis for legislation that has the ability to further cripple the economy and do nothing to meaningfully reduce expected temperature increases.