President Obama is making nice with the Chamber of Commerce, and I guess that is an improvement.

But his remarks before the C of C indicate that the president remains clueless (that is my word of the day, no?) about what business does. The business of business is business, Mr. President.  Mr. Obama thinks business is supposed to go green and hire new workers, whether this is economically feasible or not. But when you live in a dream world…

JamieWearingFood (hat tip: Hot Air) nailed it:

Actually, the obligation of business is to make as much profit for shareholders and to sell products people want. The purpose of business is not to “invest” in unproven technologies just so we can move toward some utopian “green” society.

If business does these things, it will be able to hire (though perhaps not greenly-but I bet the unemployed don’t care about that luxury).