Michelle Obama said she’ll do anything asked of her to get President Barack Obama reelected in 2012, a comment some would consider uncharacteristic of the strong-willed first lady.

“I will do whatever I’m asked to do,” the first lady said on the “Today Show,” reports The Hill.

Charlotte Hays, senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum, told The Daily Caller it was a wise thing for Michelle Obama to say.

“I find myself unaccustomed to speaking up for Michelle Obama, but this was the right thing for her to say,” Hays told TheDC. “It might not seem like something she’d say, but it’s absolutely the right thing to say. It’s what any first lady would say, unless you think she’s obligated to break any rubric.”

Hays added that former First Lady Barbara Bush probably would have said something similar and done anything possible to try and get former President George H.W. Bush reelected.

“I bet Dolley Madison would have gotten [former President James Madison] reelected, too,” Hays told TheDC.