The minute you see that Harper’s Bazaar has done a profile of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, you know: it’ll be a gusher!

And you’re right:

On the evening of December 13, Hillary Clinton was on stage in the Benjamin Franklin Room of the State Department, introducing Broadway composer Marvin Hamlisch at a holiday reception for the diplomatic corps. That morning, she had risen at 5:00 to fly to Quebec for the North American Foreign Ministers Meeting, which was like taking tea on the tundra. It was minus 4 degrees with the wind chill, and after the meeting, Clinton made small talk about skiing and did a photo call outside without a coat…

At the bar at the Ritz-Carlton, Clinton presided over an improvised Irish wake [for diplomat Richard Holbrooke, who died that day]. Derek Chollet, principal deputy director of Clinton’s policy-planning staff, who was very close to Holbrooke, says, “Everyone in the room that night would take a bullet for her.”

The first question for Hillary Rodham Clinton, 67th secretary of state, a woman who has lived in the spotlight–and has been a crucible for public opinion–for more than three decades, is exactly how she does it.

As Dorothy Parker once began a book review: Tonstant Weader fwowed up.  

Well, I am going to try not to take a fashion article too seriously. But I just want to observe, fashion is an adjunct to the Democratic Party. Fashion reveals what is acceptable in certain circles. It has an enormous effect on susceptible people.

Ms. Clinton and the Obamas have been enormous beneficiaries of the fashionable people who have fashionable views. There are those who sense on a certain level that this administration is a disaster. But they’ll stick with it.  All the fashionable people are doing so. Hey, don’t miss the photo spread of Ms. Clinton walking with a determined stride or in the State Department! As the Middle East erupts…