I’m really happy that foodies are getting caricatured for their constant frenzied state of hunger and steady dissatisfaction with normal food.  You have to admit, they deserve a little ribbing. In The Atlantic’s The Moral Crusade Against Foodies, B.R. Myers serves up an epic blow to the ego of the foodie elite.  Huffington Post writers have tried to counter his attack-mostly by calling him an idiot and a bad writer.  Nice.  

Now there’s this article on Salon.com The Utter Ridiculousness of Hip Food Trends which offers another good jab at earnest foodie types (although the author can’t help but seem a little sycophantic when he suggests it isn’t the celebrity chefs that are the problem; it’s the other lower-level chefs who…gasp…are copying them!).  Salon has done excellent work tracking the bizarre and narrowly focused foodie world (my personal favorite was Salon’s outstanding article exposing so-called “hipsters” who use food stamps to support their expensive food preferences).  But what made me laugh out loud was the story Salon posted right next to the Food Trend story called Like the Steak: Try a Bag from the Same Cow in which you can go “super local” and purchase a leather bag created from the hide of the animal you just ate. 

Um, that’s just a little too local for me.