Why is the National Organization of (Zombie) Women silent on tomorrow’s demonstration in front of the White House by Islamic extremist Anjem Choudary?  He is, after all, a supporter of Sharia Law and enthusiastically promotes the idea that women should live cloistered lives and be subject to terrifying punishments for supposed wrong doing. 

Seems like this might be within NOW’s bailiwick, no? 

Choudary promotes Sharia Law and its sadistic treatment of women-where flogging, stoning, and execution are normal punishments.  Choudary longs to see Sharia in America where honor killings, female genital mutilation, child marriages, polygamy, and anti-female inheritance rules become commonplace.  

And let’s not forget some of Choudary’s other creepy statements.  He’s praised the 9/11 murderers, called for the execution of the Pope, and promotes the use of the death penalty for anyone who insults Islam.  And of course, in Choudary’s world, all women would be forced to wear burquas. 

If you want to know what this country would look like under Sharia Law, take a look at Choudary’s chilling answer to Daily Caller reporter Matthew Boyle who asked him what he means by Sharia law. 

Well, Sharia is derived from Arabic, and it means an “oasis.” In the desert, man needs the oasis to survive. Sharia is not like any other religion or law, because Sharia is an entire system of life. It has a ruling system, an economic system, a policy and social system, a foreign policy and judiciary system to be implemented, you know, the whole package. Under the Sharia, food, shelter and clothing will be provided for all citizens in addition to basic necessities like gas and water as well. But, it’s not like communism or socialism in the respect that you can work for the luxuries. There’s no problem with that. But, certainly you would not have the poverty problem that you have at the current time where, with the average or minimum wage, you cannot live in any major city on a 40-hour week. That is a reality in America. With the loss of the American dollar as its own currency and its devaluation, I think that people will not even be able to afford bread and milk. They’re facing a real crisis in America and I think the solution is Islam.