…declares Rod Pennington in his Daily Caller piece, by the title “San Franciscans discover the law of unintended consequences.”

Rod’s piece portrays with exceptional wit, the problems that result from an over-ambitious nanny state. With the good intention of saving San Franciscans and the environment some water with every toiled flush, the city mandated the use of “low-flow” toilets, with the result that San Fran recently ordered $13 million worth of chlorine to be poured down the city’s drain to kill the mind-numbing odor emanating from the feces of the city’s over 800,000 residents. Disgusting.

I recommend you read his whole piece, which goes into some other nanny-state policies as well, here.

Rod concludes his piece by referring to the avalanche of unintended consequences rolling towards us:

I can’t wait to see what kind of mischief Obamacare brings.

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