The world takeover by the Koch brothers is one of the Left’s favorite conspiracy theory.  According to many on the Left, the Koch Brothers control the world from their secretive headquarters in…Wichita, Kansas.  Wichita?  Yeah, the theory kind of loses steam when you hear Wichita…

Anyway, the Koch brothers are accused of everything from controlling the Supreme Court to causing global warming but what you won’t hear from many on the left is this story in the Boston Globe about the Koch Brothers’ generous contribution to MIT for cancer research.  The globe reports: 

The seven-story building brings together oncologists, engineers, and biologists – previously scattered across campus – out of the conviction that a collection of diseases as relentlessly cunning as cancer can be silenced only by combining the expertise of 630 people from different disciplines. In doing that, the new center illustrates a growing recognition that single labs working on their own can’t turn back a disease as bedeviling as cancer, expected to claim 7.5 million lives glob ally this year. 

“It’s not enough to provide the money for research,” said Dr. Harold Varmus, director of the National Cancer Institute. “If you define the right questions and create an atmosphere in which people are encouraged to work together, good things can happen.”

The Koch, along with a consortium of Harvard-affiliated institutions led by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, is among a select group of centers nationally that the NCI has designated as leaders in the field and, thus, eligible for special funds.

The questions being tackled at the Koch – amid the hum and gurgle of scientific machinery and white gusts billowing from a liquid nitrogen tub set to minus 123 degrees Celsius – range across broad terrain. They include five major subject areas: cancer detection and monitoring, metastasis, personalized medicine, cancer immunology, and the use of tiny particles to deliver drugs directly to tumors.

Koch, 70, was diagnosed with prostate cancer 19 years ago, and since then cancer research has become one of his major causes. He gave $100 million for construction of the new building.