Boy was I upset when Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last year. A politician wins a peace prize?! Are you kidding? He’s only financing two Middle Eastern wars. A mere couple of months later, my worst suspicions were confirmed as he sent more troops overseas.  

Now, our compassionate, sympathetic President is on the rebound. Everyone deserves a second chance, including President Obama.

Too bad he’s blowing his second attempt at peace making. Literally.  

How? His administration is directly subsidizing the Egyptian military.   

Sure, he says he supports the Egyptian people, and he is so proud of their attempts at democracy. His speech to the American and Egyptian people was heartwarming and inspirational. If only he had spoken a little louder. I’m sorry Obama. I’m afraid the protesting Egyptians can’t hear your heartfelt words. The gunshots coming from the guns that your administration paid for (that are being fired into their protesting crowds) were just far too loud.  

Oh no Obama. That’s not what we meant when we urged you to take another shot at world peace!  

The U.S. has extended aid to Egypt for years. This aid money has been sent overseas in the name of peace and prosperity. Aid money that we assume helps the Egyptians develop and pay for children’s education, healthcare and meals. Too bad less than 20% of aid money actually reaches Little Cleopatra’s empty stomach.  

Did you know that the U.S. funds 80% of Egyptian military costs, via foreign aid? 80%! That’s our Nobel Prize winner, ladies and gentlemen. Generously shipping over gift bags full of weapons and ammunition to a corrupt country. What’s the cherry on top of this mess? The U.S. aid to Egypt is extended without any conditions!  

Clearly, the U.S. aid flows should stop, right? As an everlasting advocator for limited aid, I must admit that I am in doubt myself. At this point in time, ending Egyptian aid too soon could do more harm than good. The United States is facing a series of complicated tradeoffs when it comes to cutting aid. Will this anger the Egyptian military and have unintended, perverse consequences for the Egyptian leadership? Will Americans back home face higher gas prices because the Middle East boycotts American oil exports?  

F.A. Harper professor of Economics Chris Coyne put it well:  

“When promoting freedom, we can’t always have our cake and eat it too”.   

President Obama, you’ve really made me upset, but I’m willing to give you another chance. Third time is the charm. Here’s a suggestion: how about you prove your nobility by cashing in your Nobel Prize. I hear your own, American people could benefit from some debt relief…