Remember the unseemly haste with which the 111th Congress voted Obamacare into law? Well, they are at it again. Now supporters of Obamacare are stumbling all over themselves to implement it as quickly as possible. Dr. Milton R. Wolf, a board-certified radiologist and distant relative of President Obama, explains what’s behind the big rush: 

Obamacare is living on borrowed time, and even its most ardent supporters are beginning to realize it. That’s why they’re racing to implement – and entrench – as much of the plan as possible before the laws of economics and the laws of the land and voters catch up. They’re like a deadbeat renter starting a remodeling project after being evicted but before the police escort them from the premises in hopes that it gives them squatter’s rights. Meanwhile, two unrelated but devastating events have caused the ground to shake beneath the feet of Obamacare supporters.

Even Obamacare cheerleader Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of Health and Human Services, recently admitted in testimony before the Senate Finance Committee that a major component of the legislation is “totally unsustainable.” She was referring to a massive entitlement program for the elderly that was quietly added to the bill without discussion. Democratic Senator Kent Conrad called this entitlement “a Ponzi scheme of the first order, the kind of thing that Bernie Madoff would have been proud of.”     

Ms. Sibelius also admitted that the certain savings had been double counted. You know how that works with your own budget, right? Why not slow down and fix some of these things? The supporters of Obamacare know, just as its supporters in the 111th Congress knew, that they’ve got to be quick and dirty. They thought the public wouldn’t fight the law, but now that it is, they realize they must saddle us with as much of this monstrosity as possible in as short a time as possible. Damned the consequences–this is ideology!

Obamacare may be the crowning achievement of the big-government crowd erecting their ever-expanding entitlement state, but the laws of economics and the laws of the land are racing to see which will take it down first – that is, if the voters don’t beat them to it. Even its most ardent supporters call the plan “a Ponzi scheme” and “totally unsustainable” and its date with Supreme Court destiny is about to be fast-tracked.

Obamacare is a skipping stone careening along the water’s surface, but the laws of gravity – like the laws of economics and the laws of the land – will always win.