Rod Pennington put out another one of his humorous ten point lists. This time it makes you scratch your head. One of his “Ten Impolite Questions” is a rather sad fact and is particularly relevant during this month: March is Women’s History Month. Rod asks the following of women’s rights groups in question #9:

Why is it that the more liberal a “women’s rights” organization, the less likely it is to condemn the barbaric brutality of everyday life for women in the Muslim world?

Carrie Lukas recently reported on this phenomenon in her post titled “The Real War on Women,” in which she raises awareness for the mistreatment of women in Egypt, against the backdrop of the brutal assault on CBS news reporter Lara Logan. In it she asks, whether instead of focusing on the alleged “Republican War on Women:”

Wouldn’t it be nice if such groups spent a little time on the real war against women around the globe?

I recently wrote about what’s at stake for women in the Middle East and Africa after the unrest, shedding light on the deep-seated misogyny that leads to horrific violence against women across the globe. The National Organization for Women (NOW) on the other hand, sought it fitting to devote its International Women’s Day address to the supposed “Conservative War Against Women.”

Does NOW really think that brutal violence against women is comparable to the effects of U.S. government budget discussions? Apparently, they do.

Here at home, we are no strangers to violence and injustice fueled by misogyny. Every two minutes in the U.S., someone, most likely a girl or woman, is sexually assaulted. Women continue to be paid less than men. They face discrimination at work and school. They are marginalized and objectified in the media. And now we face an all-out war on women’s reproductive rights and their ability to access health care. [Emphasis added]

Wow, NOW…good job!