Just go ahead and shove this into the “this can’t really be happening” file along with “Obama’s the President” and “Al Gore’s considered cool by the hipster crowd.”

The Daily Caller’s Caroline May highlights the latest feel good move to come out of Al Queada–the launch of the much anticipated “”Al-Shamikha” Magazine–which translates as “Majestic Woman.”

May is similarly mystified, saying:

“Finally, a magazine just for women with a predilection for religiously motivated self-detonation!”

The centerpiece of the magazine is an interview with the wife of a suicide bomber. The widow, Um Muhannad, explains to the interviewer how she longed her whole life to marry a mujahid (or religious fighter) and how women play a crucial role in the movement.

“A woman has a pivotal role in spurring [her husband to jihad] and supporting [the mujahideen] … When a woman is convinced of something, she becomes a source support [for this cause] and spreads it all around her,” said Um Muhannad. “[In the case of jihad], she teaches [her son] to become a mujahid from childhood, and encourages him until he achieves his goal [i.e., martyrdom]. More than anything, a mujahid needs someone to support and help him.”

Not to be outdone by Cosmo, the publication also features clothing and health advice as well as guidance on how to snag a man.

Well, sign me up!