Did you catch Dan Abrams on MSNBC this morning talking about his new book “Man Down?” The book, out this week, claims to prove that women are better at…well, everything.

Boy, Dan’s going to have a blast at those book signings.

Anyway, I haven’t read the book but I suspect it compiles a number of studies which illustrate a women’s superiority in certain areas like planning, decision making, time management, and collaboration, etc. 

Appearing on MSNBC morning news program Morning Joe earlier today, Mika Brzezinski dropped a predictable line: “why then don’t we get paid as much as men.”

Does this woman ever read anything but the New York Times?

Dan seemed to blame the whole thing on the increase of single motherhood (which is partly true since single moms need greater flexibility and will take lower-paying jobs to get that) but then Dan (no-doubt feeling the seething glare of Mika) blurted out “the other thing is vestiges of sexism!”

Ahhh…there you go, Dan.  That’s what Mika was looking for.

We’ve said it here before (oh…about a hundred times) and we’ll say it again. The issues of women’s pay is far more complicated than sexism (as Carrie has pointed out here, here and here and most recently Sabrina pointed out here).

As the mother of three boys, it is tremendously bothersome to see our culture constantly beating on boys and men, telling them they’re worthless and responsible for much of the world’s ills.  From commercials that relentlessly portray men as witless wonders to women’s groups who depict men as either nefarious predators or manipulative cads, Man’s contributions to this world are scarcely discussed today.  And now we have yet another book adding to the already deafening drum-beat that men are the weaker sex.

Well…at least Dan-the-man has one thing going for him; he won’t be a lonely man after writing this nifty little book.