Smart Girl Politics highlights another nanny-state effort to regulate your life.  And this time, they’re coming after your hand sanitizer.  From the Smart Girl Politics website: 

For decades, Americans have safely used bacteria-killing products. Anti-bacterial hand washes are routinely used in schools to prevent the spreading of germs. Hospitals use similar products to maintain sterile environments. Dentists have safely used anti-bacterial mouthwashes for years in the treatment of gum and other oral diseases.

The welfare of Americans and the many businesses that make these products – from large corporations to small “mom and pop” enterprises –does not seem to be important to environmental extremists. They have set their sights on Triclosan, the product that makes our soaps and anti-bacterial washes so effective. The extremists are pressuring the EPA to ban this product, which the FDA HAS FOUND TO BE SAFE

Whether or not you’re an anti-bacterial product consumer, do you want the EPA to tell you which products you can buy? These are safe products that many Americans choose to buy and use to keep their families healthy. If this kind of power grab goes unchecked, we will see our rights further eroded and the government taking over more of our everyday decisions.  

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