I have a hard time wrapping my head around the nation’s $14 trillion debt.  My used minivan in the driveway might give away the fact that numbers like that don’t exactly figure into my family’s monthly budget conversations.  It simply isn’t easy to understand the sheer enormity of the number.  And I’m not alone.  I suspect most Americans have simply become numb to these high figures-a disturbing reality at a time when understanding America’s debt is more important than ever.  More Americans should be asking how we accumulated thyis massive debt and what does it mean for our country and future generations? 

Thankfully, the organization Bankrupting America has just released this hilarious and pop-culturally relevant video about the country’s debt.  They ask the question: “Who’s More Responsible: Charlie Sheen or Washington?”  

You might think the answer is Washington — after all, doesn’t the federal government employ a bunch of people to keep us financially sound, like accountants, lawyers, and well…people who can pass a drug test?  

Well, unfortunately for us, Charlie has managed his money much better than Washington.  The video explains that after years of spending far more than we take in, Washington has driven us into a financial crisis.  The video also puts into perspective those hard-to-comprehend numbers by explaining that $14 trillion equals $130,000 per household…I bet the average American can think of a few things to do with $130,000 extra dollars. 

The solution Bankrupting America suggests: spending cuts.  This seems an obvious thing to do when facing such a budgeting imbalance.  Millions of American families-particularly moms–do it every day and we’ve done it before.  The video explains that after WWII, the government cut spending from 44 percent to 11 percent leading to one of the largest financial booms this country has ever seen.  Given the obviousness of the solution and the historical precedent, why are politicians still dragging their feet?  

Perhaps it’s because there’s a lack of pressure from constituents.  Watch this video and send it to your friends and family.  Post it on Facebook and Twitter.  Americans must understand the debt their government has accumulated.  This video is a good way to start the education.