Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget is the first step not only in reigning in out-of-control spending, but also in improving the lives of many Americans. Certainly, what too many Democrats ignore is how our entitlement programs, all targeted under Ryan’s budget proposal, often hurt the people they’re intended to protect.

Take, for instance, Social Security. Women’s groups complain drastic cuts to Social Security will disproportionately harm women. That may be true, but only because women are already being unfairly treated by Social Security’s antiquated benefit structure, which has remained largely unchanged since 1935. Despite drastic changes in women’s roles in society and the American family, the current system remains highly regressive, is unfair to divorced women, and has the potential to leave widows with a fraction of their dual-spouse income.

Ryan’s budget proposal is not only the first step toward fiscal solvency, but it also may be an opportunity for greater freedom.