Last month, I wrote about the CSPI-lead effort to have warning labels put on food that contains food dyes.  Pandering to the many food nanny advocacy groups (including the CSPI), the FDA agreed to have hearings last month. 

Last week, the FDA advisory panel ruled saying products that contain dyes do not need package warnings.  That’s good.  But in a nod to the nannies, the FDA also recommended that the agency further study the link between food coloring and childhood hyperactivity. 

This isn’t a loss for the food nannies.  They’ve accomplished a lot with this latest campaign.

First, they’ve managed to, yet again, scare parents — telling them that certain foods will hurt their children.  Second, they’ve again created the image that big bad business doesn’t care about kids.  And third, they’ve gotten a commitment from the FDA that this issue will continue to be studied (despite the FDA already declaring these dyes to be safe) which will keep this topic in the headlines. 

It is another win for the food nannies.