Writing about the Chicago school’s ban on home packed meals, ChicagoNow Blogger Emily Zanotti(which Huffpost, of course, has to identify as a conservative) makes an excellent point about persnickety children and how hard it will be for schools to satisfy their every whim.  

This is problematic for a number of reasons, least of which is probably that a one-size-fits all government brainchild is destined to fail at solving a complicated problem.  

Anyone who’s ever met a kid knows that kids are weird. It’s a full time job, sometimes, for parents, to figure out how to ensure a child gets necessary nutrition while skirting a number of irrational food phobias. … A public school, with hundreds of children, could never adequately address the needs of it’s bizarre little population of dietary exceptions (not to mention, she clearly foils parents who would send their children to school with certifiably organic or home-cooked lunches).