Tuesday’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart exemplifies the kind of wrong-headed liberal thinking that the path to prosperity is covered with the bodies of the rich. In his comedy commentary on the Paul Ryan budget cuts, Jon Stewart suggests on his Daily Show that instead of cutting government spending, we could achieve the same outcome as Ryan proposes by merely reversing the Bush tax cuts. If only we taxed the rich more, the premise goes, the government budget would smoothly sail out of the deficit crisis.

I’d like to think that Americans watching the show do so for its comedic properties, however, the premise that taxing the rich will put America on its destined path to ‘win the future,’ is a misleading myth that too many Americans have come to take at face value.

Bill Whittle made a revealing video, based on an Iowahawk post, that even if we ate all the rich we still wouldn’t come even close to covering the 3.7 trillion dollars that President Obama and Congress plan on spending this year. See for yourself: