Is Palin-mania dying out?

The president’s lack of ideological clarity is a serious liability – especially when it comes to independent voters.

Certainly the crux of his decline in public opinion is a function of a government that voters think has grown too large and too intrusive – a notion that’s hard to dispute as the president pushes to raise taxes and increase spending by another $1.5 trillion, all while (yet again) advocating to raise the debt ceiling. Independent voters, however, are the least engaged in politics, and they view too many of Mr. Obama’s political decisions as haphazard and disjointed.

Having the support of independents is essential to winning elections, but it requires a president who is clear in his policies and objectives. Many of these voters probably never felt much of a connection to Mr. Obama to begin with, but the president’s failure to communicate a clear vision for the country has surely lost him support.