Who let this by the censor?

Something momentous has happened: The Pulitzer Prize Committee, which traditionally honors journalists who epitomize the politically correct biases of American newsrooms, has wandered off the ranch. That is to say that the Wall Street Journal’s Joe Rago won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing. Congratulations to Mr. Rago.

Congratulations also to the Pulitzer’s committee as well. Here are a few of the titles of some of Mr. Rago’s winning package of editorials: Sebelius’ Price Controls, Avastin Mugging, Farewell, Medicare Advantage, Obamacare and the Constitution. (Get the complete list here.)

I don’t know what this means. Did the committee feel it had to do something iconoclastic? Is it a signal that being critical of Obamacare is now intellectually respectable? I await further analysis. But this prize, although it sometimes goes to conservatives (Charles Krauthammer, George Will), is something of a semaphore telling the rest of the press what is deemed worthy by the journalistic establishment.