It’s too bad that New York City Councilman Leroy Comrie needs to use “predatory marketing techniques” to attract families to his 10th Annual Family Day Festival. 

If you need a reminder, last month Comrie introduced legislation which would fine restaurants (read: McDonalds) that give away toys in meals that do not meet certain (Comrie created) nutritional guidelines.  

He famously said these restaurants were using “predatory marketing techniques” to lure children into their restaurants.

But apparently it’s okay for Comrie to lure children to his Family Day Festival with the promise of high-calorie food and free entertainment.  At the Festival, Comrie has promised a BBQ extravaganza, ice cream, and fun events for the kids including free entertainment, arts and crafts, a moon bounce and free rides. 

And considering Comrie’s dedication to health and nutrition, it’s puzzling to look at the list of sponsors: Joy Ice Cream, Hollis Famous Burgers and Marina Ice Cream. 

Comrie’s an opportunist. He doesn’t care about childhood obesity or the health of kids. He simply wants to kick a big corporation and look heroic while doing it.  His Family Day Festival exposes him for the charlatan he is.  Let’s hope those who attend this Festival-his constituents-start to tire of his double speak.