CSPI’s Margo Wooten is at it again…and this time she’s really gone over the line; she’s coming for the booze.

The Washington Post reports that the food nannies are concerned that menu labeling regulations required by Obamacare exempt alcohol.  But of course, the Post reporter doesn’t use a glass or two of white wine or a few beers as an example of high-calorie cocktails (because those aren’t particularly high in calories), he finds perhaps the most ridiculous alcoholic “drink” out there.

Citing certain “cocktails” with classy names like the Flying Gorilla and the Mudslide, the Post author is horrified to find that these milkshake-like concoctions contains “anywhere from 590 to 870 calories per drink, depending on how much ice cream is used.”

Duh!  There’s ICE CREAM in them thar drinks!

Wooten is similarly appalled saying “The problem is that alcohol is a big source of calories in the American diet.” 

No, Margo, ice cream is the thing adding calories to these drinks.

But these details don’t matter to Wooten.  What does matter to her is that there’s an exemption in the menu labeling regulation.

It also doesn’t matter to Wooten that these menu labels do nothing to sway people’s food choices. I suspect it will do even less to sway people away from ordering their Flying Gorillas and their Mudslides.