President Obama recently sneered at the rich who “sit around and count their money.”

Note to President Obama: You have to go out and earn your money before you can sit around and count it.  These are the thoughts of a man who has led a charmed life, who doesn’t have an inkling of what it takes to be an entrepreneur or even to to keep your nose to the grindstone and save small amounts on a monthly basis. Not all of the rich have made millions with book royalties, Mr. President.

To be sure, not all the rich have earned their filthy lucre themselves. Sometimes gramps earned it for them. Some enlarge their inheritance, others sit on it, and some fools lose it. But I don’t believe the government has the right to confiscate their property to pay for stupid or politically-motivated decisions made by members of the Congress, the truly pampered segment of the American citizenry. 

In short, I believe in property rights. The president’s attitude towards the property of others was reflected in the anger of a woman in a focus group on Fox last night. She was red-faced and angry. She flet that those earning more than $200,000 should be paying more taxes. Did I detect the ugly face envy?

Lloyd Brown of the American Thinker explains how Democrats will capitalize on this envy in the upcoming months:

To generate hate, liberals will use an old device: envy.

Those who have not been as successful will be urged to hate the people who have worked hard to get an education, get a job, and master the job skills that get them promotion and raises.  They have saved their earnings and provided for their retirement.

It will be difficult to hate them individually, because they are not the same people from year to year.  More than half of those in the “rich” category are not there the following year.

Nevertheless, liberals will portray their hard earned wealth as ill-gotten gains, taken from some mysterious pile of wealth that in a world where “economic justice” reigned would be divided equally among all Americans.  (See: Communism, 1917-1989.)

 Envy has been described as the only one of the seven deadly sins that brings no pleasure. But somehow that doesn’t make it any less potent. The Democrats will be counting on it to get a lot of votes next year.