The Donald is officially getting on my nerves.

Trump’s latest foray into the dusty records bin is his attempt to get President Obama to release his college transcripts. Who cares? A college transcript is relevant only in so far as it might help a potential employer predict a candidate’s future performance. Once you have had a few jobs, nobody’s interested in what you made in Mr. Smith’s class. We no longer need these predictors to make up our minds as to what kind of president Barack Obama would make: We know only too well. Obamacare, high unemployment, and an incoherent foreign policy tell us all we need to know about what an Obama presidency means.

The small group who might actually care what kind of grades Obama made in college are those who, when you say you don’t think he’s so darned smart, immediately respond, “Yes he is. He went to Harvard.” The like-nurtured government bureaucrats who yearn for even greater power over our lives might care just a smidgen. It is their educational credentials that have convinced them of their superiority. But they know that for people like them Obama is as good as it gets. The rest of us must focus on what matters, the Obama presidency.  We don’t need transcripts to know that Obama has slowed economic recovery and made the United States look feckless abroad.

I have wondered why Trump has struck such a chord. Let me guess it’s because Trump is not afraid to be confrontational, he puts America first, and he’s having a good time. The guy has a certain genius. The first season of The Apprentice was such a great job training program that it should supplant expensive federal job training programs. But Trump is a wild card, and he coulod help reelect a guy he now says was a “terrible student.” Mr. Trump, learn from history. Don’t be a Ross Perot.