Granny and Grandpa may have been scared stiff at the prospect of a bureaucrat making their most intimate medical decisions. But they seem to be willing to give Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to reform entitlements a chance. Alana Goodman of Commentary writes:

In reality, the latest Gallup/USA Today poll finds that seniors actually prefer Ryan’s plan over Obama’s. This makes sense, since the GOP proposed changes for Medicare won’t even impact anyone already over the age of 55….

The poll also found, interestingly enough, that Obama’s plan is overwhelmingly popular among people under the age of 30 – which probably explains why the president has been giving his recent televised budget speeches to young audiences.

This is bad news for Democrats, who saw a chance to demagogue Ryan’s plan. It’s interesting to speculate on why seniors are not biting. It could be because Ryan has done a good job of explaining his plan or it could be simply that the country is in such dire straits, and older citizens know this. But it seems that they are prepared to show the wisdom of age.

It’s also odd that younger people endorse Obama’s plan because they’ll live longer with Obamacare and they’ll also end up footing more of the bill than the rest of the population. But such is youthful enthusiasm.