I’m not at all surprised to hear about the food snobs who reside in Wellfleet, Massachusetts (where a summer cabin rental can cost you as much as $8K for a week!).  At a town meeting on Monday, residents approved a zoning change banning fast food restaurants.  Concerned that these low-brow establishments would “dilute Wellfleet’s unique character,” proponents of the ban argued that national chains and fast-food restaurants would not offer enough “quality” jobs or care about the town.

Care about the town?  How about providing young kids a job.  Is that enough caring for you?  And who exactly determines what a “quality” job is? 

I suppose part of the town’s “unique character” is unemployment.  Massachusetts currently has one of the highest unemployment rates in the Northeast at 8.2 percent (New Hampshire is at 5.2, Vermont 5.4).  I’m sure more than a few unemployed Wellfleet residents would welcome a job-creating business; too bad a few wealthy food snobs feel the jobs aren’t “high quality” enough.    

Given Wellfleet’s upturned nose at such establishments, it’s a wonder that the residents even felt a ban was in order.  I mean, given Wellfleet resident’s discriminating palates, wouldn’t a fast food restaurant be driven under from lack of customers? 

I guess Wellfleet residents just don’t trust themselves to avoid the drive-thru.