As you probably know, McDonald’s has been on a hiring spree. This is good news for those of us who love to stop in for the Mickey D’s Dollar Menu-there’ll be somebody to give it to me at the 18th and Columbia Road outlet next time I get a craving! But Wesley J. Smith suggests that McDonald’s may not have been able to add new staff if it hadn’t gotten an Obamacare waiver:

The good news is that the economy added about 268,000 new jobs. The bad news is that 25 percent (62,000) were from McDonald’s. That’s honorable and respectable work, of course. But consider this: Had the Obama administration not granted McD’s a waiver from having to abide by the law, it might not have added all those workers. And if the company had added the jobs anyway, they all would have been jobs without health insurance since the company was going to stop providing benefits without the waiver.

This does not bode well for companies that did not get a waiver.