Hard as it may be to believe, New York pols have come up with yet another way to spend our money:

The $50 million bounty on Osama bin Laden‘s head should go to victims’ of his murderous plot, federal lawmakers said Sunday.

Two New York Congressmen said they would draft legislation to give any unclaimed reward money to organizations that aid 9/11 first responders, families and survivors.

“If the bounty isn’t paid, Osama bin Laden’s victims should get it,” said Rep. Anthony Weiner (D – Queens and Brooklyn).

I’ve got a better idea: if the bounty isn’t paid, let’s keep the money. I’m saying maybe a Money Market Account? I dunno. A CD perhaps? Just don’t spend it, okay?

Osama bin Laden’s victims have received financial help from the taxpayers, and, while no amount of money can restore their terrible losses, the monetary awards already received appear to have been sufficiently generous. Interesting, too, to note that these pols are asking for $50 million-and that’s a lot of money, even today-for…people who vote in their districts.

Ground Zero construction veteran and advocate John Feal said 9/11 rescuers still carried the scars of that day, and could use the funds.

The scars will always be there. Everybody can always use more funds. But when we find we don’t have to pay out a huge bounty, we don’t need to automatically devise a new use for the funds.   

If nothing else this shows how politicians can’t be trusted with our money.